When her mother dies, Marie falls into a tailspin. A month later, her estranged father contacts her wanting to see her after 35 years of absence. Though Marie deeply wants to see the father who abandoned her as a girl, her husband doesn’t trust him and doesn’t want him around. Marie is already a mess, the kids are confused, and it is clear to Paul that Marie’s father is going to make things worse. Yet Marie invites Alain to come visit them at their house in the country. Alain is a successful artist, cocky and self-assured, but when he arrives he immediately feels attacked by Marie’s family and friends. And as a way to get out of there fast, he crosses a boundary that shouldn’t be crossed. It is then that Marie must confront the reality of her relationship to her father. Who is he? And is he really someone she wants to get to know?

Servane Mary
Michel Auder
Jose Martos
Pat Steir
Cecile Casablancas
Alice Zimmerman
Philippe Jacquet
Douglas Gordon
& Penelope Pardo


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